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Sanity? I'm sure I left it around here somewhere

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I'm english. Huge fan of Buffy, CSI, CSI M and NY. NCIS, L Word, L&O:SVU. Also I have developed a love of manga and anime but I'm not really a watcher of TV, I perfer watching my DVDs. What else can I say....?

Er, I like computers... lame I know but I've got no idea what to say...

I'd like write and post my fan fiction on this journal....

Pairings: BTVS: W/T and CSI Sara/Catherine. CSI: Miami: DuVista. Law And Order: Special Victims Unit: Alex/Olivia NCIS Kate/Abby. Criminal Minds Emily/JJ. Amane / Hikari Strawberry Panic! Chikane / Himeko KnM, Shizuru / Natsuki Mai-Hime Mai-Otome. Yeah, yeah. I know.