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Random Question.

Dec. 12th, 2009 | 12:48 pm
location: Here by me
mood: chipper chipper
music: Best For Last By Adele

Was Jorja Fox in Terminal Velocity? If she is I might stay up to watch. Jorja + gun = love. Then The Black Dahila on too.

I'll stay up to watch Scarlett Johanson to be out acted by her fuzzy sweater and Mia Kirshner out acting everyone as the corpse.

Can you tell I watched the flim when it came on the cinema?

Josh Harlett was wooden. Aaron Eckhard left too early. Hillary Swank was the best thing in the movie...

I perfer the book, I love James Ellory's stuff. Brass was Mickey Cohen in LA Confidental, which I think is cool.

Off to lurk.


Ha Random Lyric

Dec. 11th, 2009 | 08:52 pm
location: Here
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: It's All Your Fault By Pink

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without the_dark_zodiac by my side.

Anyone for a rousing chorus of I Will Survive?

;D <3


OTPs Don't Ask Me Why

Dec. 11th, 2009 | 10:14 am
location: Here
mood: giddy giddy
music: Ego By The Saturdays

Random non human OTPs for some of my favourite fandoms *sticks tongue in cheek*

Calleigh Duquense / Guns = OTP

Eric Delko / Trauma = OTP

HoCaine / Sunglasses Of Justice = OTP

Ryan Wolf / Ties = OTP

Frank Tripp / His Hips = OTP

Natalia Boa Vista / Lab Coats = OTP

Maxine Valeria / Random Show Ups = OTP

Tara Price / Weird Tablets = OTP

Aaron Hotchner / Not Smiling = OTP

Doctor Spencer Reid / Randon Facts = OTP

Derek Morgan / Tackling = OTP

Emily Prentiss / Compartmentlising = OTP

Jennifer Jareau / Mics = OTP

Penelope Garcia / Hacking = OTP

David Rossi / The Charm Braclet Of [Un]Finished Business = OTP

Sara Sidle / Coveralls = OTP

Catherine Willows / Tight Low Cut Tops = OTP

Doctor Gilbert Grissom / Bugs = OTP

Warrick Brown / Flirting = OTP

Nick Stokes / Praise = OTP

Greg Sanders / Old Vegas = OTP

Sofia Curtis / Shirts = OTP

James Brass / Taking No Sh*t = OTP

Leroy Jethro Gibbs / Coffee = OTP

Caitlin Todd / Skirts = OTP

Antony DiNozzo / Borderline Flirting = OTP

Ziva Davids / Misprouncations = OTP

Tim McGee / Computer RPGs = OTP

Abigail Scuito / Ink = OTP

Doctor Donald Mallard / Rambling = OTP

Jimmy Palmer / High Risk Sex = OTP

Elliot Stabler / Rage = OTP

Olivia Benson / Unpretty Crying = OTP

Alexandra Cabot / Glasses Of Power And Justice = OTP

John Munch / Conspirsancy Theories = OTP

Oafin Tutuola / Knowing Stuff = OTP

Doctor George Haung / Obviousiness = OTP

Casey Novak / Lurching = OTP

Donald Cragen / His Knife = OTP

*shakes head*

Really random.

the dark zodiac

NCIS Musing.

Dec. 10th, 2009 | 01:25 pm
location: Here
mood: sleepy sleepy
music: Best For Last By Adele

Just finished the Tiva rec fics. I like them, a lot. Really sweet. Bonus points for a mention of Kate. I like Ziva, but I also liked Kate. Kate/Abby are my OTP, now probably followed by Tony/Ziva.

Makes me wonder if McGee ever wrote anything about Kate. Because if I remember right that everyone had a character based on them. Becasue didn't they mention it a few times. And I love the ep when he pulled his writer stick to get into a club, with Ziva, Abby and Agent Lee as his dates.

I love the whole bowling Nuns. Abby going bowling with Nuns! Bonus!


Things I Shouldn't Be Reading This Early

Dec. 9th, 2009 | 09:29 am
location: Here
mood: sleepy sleepy
music: It's All Your Fault By Pink

Seriously. I Shot Marg is just one of those. I nearly spat out my morning cup of milk. Then the brain caught up the fact she's talking about a photo shoot. Makes it all better.

Nice pic tho'.

I think she's on tonight as someone else. Erin Brockervich [or how you spell it]. I think Marg was in I'm not sure, and I'm too tired to chase it up on IMDB. I've seen her a crappy TV movie, as Steven Segal's girlfriend, and David Quad's wife. Damn she gets around ;D. I saw her in Mr Brooks, it was a blink and you miss it because it was trailer.


Now I've just got see her in China Beach, ER [I think she was in it, because someone had an odd fact that George, Jorja and Marg where in it but never shared a scene together, Marg and Jorja sharing a screen always makes me want to grab the nearest bucket and throw it over it because it's hot] and everything else she's been in. ;p. She was KC wasn't she in China Beach? Someone on TWOP mentioned when ever they see CK they change it into KC and think about the Ho!Yay! between her character and someone else.

I should really down load that vid I saw on P&P. *eye roll*.

Ooh Glee's just been on, must check it out.


the dark zodiac

More Aler titles

Dec. 7th, 2009 | 10:28 am
location: Here by me
mood: blank blank
music: Bad Influence By Pink

She's Smiling To Suppress Her Gag Relex Fight Night CSI

Benson's Beauty Right? Just One Look SVU

Jefferies Wishes She Could Do Her Own Rope Trick Stocks And Bondage SVU

Gag Me! Wanderlust SVU

Courage Snuffed Out By A Soup Can Remorse SVU

3 Badge Flash Open Season Criminal Minds

For rainbowjumpsuit NCIS Alter titles II

Dec. 7th, 2009 | 10:22 am
location: Here
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Bad Romance By Lady GaGa

Gee McGee's Polite L.T Jane Doe

Kicking In The Gym The Bone Yard

Sharing A Bathroom Is Fun Terminal Leave

Let's Dance Call Of Slience

Burning Up Heart Break

Eye Eye Forced Entry

I Really Liked Him Chained

Abby Finds Kate's Boyfriend And Gets A Reward Black Water

We All Know Who Kate Thinks Of When She Looks At Abby Doppleganger

The Man From U.N.C.L.E Goes Missing The Meat Puzzle

Sorry Notes Witness

You've Never? Caught On Tape

How Did You Do That? Pop Life

Tony's Laura An Eye For An Eye

Toilet Breaks Kill Biniki Wax

Probie Gets Probed By A Nut Job Conspiracy Theory

Red Red Paint: Gibbs' Kicks Ass Red Cell

Spa? Underwear! Check! Hometown Hero

Kissing Kate And Tony SWALK

Nightmares Come True Twilight

Rain Pain Kill Ari Part 1

Ziva's Loyality Ain't In The Blood Kill Ari Part 2

Bury Me Deep Mind Games

Jigsaw? Switch

Abby Takes Drastic Measures The Voyeur's Web

How Do I Know? Game. Honor Code

Ziva Snores But I Think Tony Already Knew Under Covers

Don't Make Abby Spill Her Caf-Pow! Frame-Up

Hestitate? Don't! Probie

Someone's Got Jar Issues Model Behaviour

Burning Money Boxed In

Kill The Fish Deception

Sleepers Lying Deep Light Sleeper

Pieces Of Marine Head Case

Gibbs Head Slaps Himself Family Secret

Ass Shot Ravernous

Kate? Bait

Revenge Is Cold Iced

Corn Faked Untouchable

Car Shot Jeopardy

Ziva Speaks! Hiatus: Part 1

Struggle Hiatus Part 2

A Few CSI SVU Alter titles

Dec. 6th, 2009 | 07:51 pm
location: Here
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Ave Mary A by Pink

Granddaddy's The Daddy Misleader SVU

Gee Catherine You Really Know How To Ruin A Date The Finger

The Staring Squad Living Doll CSI

Stabler's Choice Of End Sophmore Jinx

He Ain't Saling Chatroom

Money Solves The Probelm Entitled SVU

Roll 'Er Roll 'Er Turning Of THe Screw

Kink really

Dec. 6th, 2009 | 07:46 pm
location: Here
mood: infuriated infuriated
music: It's All Your Fault By Pink


CM Kink Meme, pick your poison. Some good stuff.

I'm off to write some more stuff and compose an ode to C/S and E/JJ. I think my brain has visting rights of all sorts of crap.

My muses don't know the meaning of 'F**K Off And Leave Me Alone'

*head desk*

the dark zodiac

Flying Rings Oh My!

Dec. 6th, 2009 | 11:22 am
location: Here
mood: drained drained
music: Bad Influence By Pink

Chaos reins. Sometimes flying things are fun, other times they're a pain in the neck.

At least destruction isn't coming my way.

Just a random wee note.

Marg <3. Jorja <3. Paget <3. AJ <3. Kristen <3.

Jorja's stuff photos <3 <3 <3.

Yes, the Criminal Minds Muse has woken up. So's the CSI muse.

*off to take an a headache tablet*